Full-service translation agency

Over the years of assisting business clients, JBS has developed a full-service translation agency that specializes in business translation services. We started with the Portuguese translation of shorter documents relevant to our clients business or immigration procedure (e.g. translating agreements, contracts and other legal documents).

Portuguese translation

Naturally, our first field of service is translating Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. However, we can tackle more or less any language since we have a broad field of human resources with the necessary expertise in various other languages.

Business translation services for all needs and all major languages

Our Portuguese translation service has grown through the years. Today we work with dozens of languages and experienced translators locally.  Whether you need a bilingual version of any of your documents or a multilingual website to promote your business or products, you can count on us for help.

Even the smallest translation job is a project – it requires planning, efficiency and prompt delivery. Each translation has an objective – a target audience that the text must reach, a communications goal that it must achieve, or a decision or information exchange that it must facilitate. We produce translations that actually work in the real world.


The price of the translation is calculated based on source words, that is, how many words your document contains. General translation price varies depending on the language from 0.10 to 0.20€ / word (+VAT). Another factor is how much special knowledge a translation needs; specialized translation e.g. legal, medical, etc. may cost more.


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