JBS offers the most comprehensive, full-service business and immigration solutions on the Portuguese market. Most of our services are priced as convenient packages, including everything you will need in order to achieve your goals in Portugal.

Our company formation, business / investment immigration packages, translation fees and hourly rates are formulated in a way that makes them cost-effective and affordable while enabling us to provide you top-notch service.
Read our rate cards below, and contact us for a tailored quote!

Business services

Company Formation

Our Startup package for 700€  (+ VAT if applicable) includes the following::

Start-up services:

  • company formation (company registration in person or via Power Of Attorney – in this case the fee is 1.000€ + TVA)
  • company registration tax
  • local and international VAT number
  • bank account assistance
  • documentation in Portuguese and English
  • accountancy
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director
  • chamber of commerce registration

Time frame for company registration: complete within 1-2 days of signing

This start-up package covers everything that is compulsory for the company at the start. Additionally, all Portuguese companies must have accountancy at all times, so we require clients to either sign up for accountancy with us, or appoint their own locally licensed accountant. We will provide you with detailed cost calculations for ongoing expenses (accounting, taxes, invoicing software license, any additional business support services required) in advance.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting rates are based on your company’s business activity and volume, although all our packages include the work of an English-speaking, certified accountant, representation at the tax authority in case of inspections, and liability insurance to cover potential accounting errors. Some activities may be considered high-risk and incur higher accounting fees. At the same time, we do our best to offer cost effective solutions to clients and will be happy to work with your staff to share the workload in an optimal way. Here are some basic price categories:

Inactive package (size “XS”) – paid quarterly: 150€/month to EUR 280€/quarter (+VAT if applicable)

Active packages (size “S” through “XL”) – paid quarterly: 360-900€/quarter (+VAT if applicable)

The minimum payment term is 3 months in advance.

Registered headquarters and mail processing/forwarding service: EUR 1,000/year (+VAT if applicable)

Our basic virtual office service includes Portuguese address with mail forwarding and processing by our staff.

Translation Agency

The price of the translation is calculated based on how many words your document contains. General translation price varies depending on the language from 0,10 to 0,20€ / word (+VAT). Another factor is how much special knowledge a translation needs, specialized translation e.g. legal, medical, etc. may cost more.

Business Planning

More complex business plans and market research projects are priced based on a list of research questions and objectives provided by the client before the start. We understand that with all the costs of launching a new business or project, it can be difficult to allocate funds for market research and the temptation can be great to reduce cost by finding ‘free’ information through internet search or informal sources. In our experience, however, such short-cuts rarely pay off, and therefore we will try and work with you to meet your budget while also providing the essential information and contacts you need.

Business Solutions

We offer project-based payment options for one-time, well-defined tasks.

For on-going support our clients can choose between hourly rates or flat monthly fees.

For retainer contracts, we usually structure our prices in the following way:

Start-up costs:

  • Office rental: finding a suitable space, negotiating and concluding the rental agreement
  • Office set-up: installing internet, phone lines, buying and setting up furniture and other office equipment, arranging for property insurance and cleaning services
  • Recruitment: recruiting and hiring staff members based on your specifications and budget; drafting labor contracts and job descriptions

On-going costs:

  • Office rent, overhead and maintenance: rental fee, plus maintenance and utilities
  • Salaries for your staff: paid directly to the staff members based on payroll we provide
    Supervision and back office support: provided by JBS based on our agreement
  • Accountancy: this is obligatory for all Portuguese companies
  • Taxes: we will give you all calculations through a well-oiled reporting system

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