Company formation in Portugal

Starting a business, or, setting up a company in Portugal takes only one day, including VAT registration. Combined with a 17% corporate tax, makes Portugal a great business and investment destination, ideal for foreign nationals looking for a cost-effective solution or a convenient base in Europe.

Why Portugal?

  • quick and easy incorporation: company registration in 1 business day
  • low corporate tax: at only 17%, it is one of the lowest in Europe
  • immediate international VAT number
  • low starting capital of 1€ per shareholder
  • cost-effective setup and maintenance of the company – 360€ for company constitution
  • strategic location in Europe and great infrastructures
  • easy visa and residency options for all nationalities

When constituting a Portuguese company with JBS, you will receive all the support needed to get the company up and running. Our startup service includes full-service constitution with business registration, VAT registration, opening a bank account, and basic accountancy. Depending on your location and nationality, we may be able to conduct the entire process without you (through power of attorney).


Our Startup package for 700€ (+ VAT if applicable) includes the following:

Start-up services:

  • company formation (company registration in person or via POA – in this case the fee is 1.000€ +TVA)
  • company registration tax
  • local and international VAT number
  • bank account assistance
  • documentation in Portuguese and English
  • start-up accountancy (initial reporting towards authorities)
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director
  • chamber of commerce registration (incl. membership fee for the first year)

Time frame for company registration: complete within 1-2 days of signing

This start-up package covers everything that is compulsory for the company at the start. Additionally, all Portuguese companies must have accountancy at all times, so we require clients to either sign up for accountancy with us, or appoint their own locally licensed accountant. We provide clients with detailed cost calculations for ongoing expenses (accounting, taxes, invoicing software license, any additional business support services required) in advance.

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