Business planning

Our Company has extended the offer of solutions to the Companies, with the introduction of new areas of intervention, since the team of Consultants has been expanded, thus allowing us to meet the current needs of the Market and, as such, to find solutions adapted to the needs of our Clients, being this our main motivation as professionals.

Lastly, I want you to be perfectly comfortable to ask me any questions that are important to you, so I am writing down all my contacts, and I am entirely at your disposal for any clarification or additional information.

As the main types of Projects that we are currently developing with our Clients, we have the following:

• Strategic Companies in International Markets;
• Study, Option and Access to Foreign Markets;
• Elaboration of the International Marketing Program;
• Analysis of Real and Financial Investment Projects;
• Application for Funding and Incentives for Companies;
• Business and Business Assessment;
• Economic and Financial Analysis of Companies;
• Business plan;
• Evaluation of Intangible Assets;
• Evaluation of Financial Assets;
• Sectoral Studies;
• Business Performance and Risk Study;
• Financial Planning and Optimization of Company Value;
• Mergers & Acquisitions, Synergies, Leadership and Management of Cultures.


Basic business plan for residency application: EUR 1.000 (+VAT if applicable).

Basic Business Plan in general: 800€ + 5% total investment.

More complex business plans and market research projects are priced based on personal conversation based on the specific needs provided by the client.

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